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Thompson School District Title 1 Information

Title I Services

TITLE I: Improving the Academic Achievement of Students at Risk

Title I, Part A is the largest federal program supporting public education. Title I provides resources to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. The US Department of Education allocates funds based on census poverty rates from ages 5 through 17. Essentially, Title I focuses on providing additional instructional time in the areas of reading and math. Eligibility is based on statutory formulas.

Seven schools in the Thompson School District operate Title I Schoolwide Programs:
  • B. F. Kitchen Elementary
  • Laurene Edmondson Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Monroe Elementary
  • Sarah Milner Elementary
  • Truscott Elementary
  • Winona Elementary
Ways in which schools and districts can use Title I dollars:
  • Extended-time programs (such as before/after school programs, summer school)
  • Parent Involvement
  • Professional development
  • Support for scientifically-based programs and strategies
Thompson School District Title I program focus areas:
  • Upgrade educational programs to improve the achievement of the lowest-achieving students
  • Address identified needs using research- and evidence-based improvement strategies
  • Ensure meaningful family, community, and stakeholder involvement
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