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Truscott History


Truscott History

Truscott Elementary School

A Dual Language Immersion School 

Truscott Elementary was built in 1957 and was then known as Truscott Jr. High School.  The school was named after J. W. Truscott who served Loveland Schools from 1905-1947.  It operated as a junior high school until 1973 when it was converted to an elementary school. The 45,700 square foot building rests on 4.1 acres of land and we have approximately 260 students.

The land we currently use as a playground was a parking lot when the building was built.  When we converted to an elementary school, the parking lot was excavated and covered in gravel so the children could use it as a play ground.  In the summer of 2006, the gravel was removed and astro-turf was installed so the students not only have a soft green field to play on, it stays green all year round! (even under the snow!)

In 2017, Truscott was named as a National Historic Site due to many of its features from the time is was constructed.