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Truscott Community Garden

The Truscott Community Garden (TCG) is located at 7th and Grant, just across the street from Truscott's playground. For six years, students, staff and community volunteers have maintained a community garden here, growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a variety of after-school learning programs. This year, we have about 20 Truscott students, a Bill Reed Middle School sibling, and a group of 5 Garfield Elementary GT students participating.   TCG community partners include the Loveland Youth Gardeners, the CSU Department of Health and Nutrition, the High Plains Environmental Center, and the First United Methodist Church. Last year, the TCG (as part of our family wellness and engagement initiative) was recognized by CDE as a promising practice in family, school and community partnering.   Activities in the community garden include but are not limited to:
  • Environmental education
  • Programs and activities that promote volunteerism and community involvement
  • Nutritional education and physical education activities