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Volunteer at Truscott


Volunteers in Thompson Assisting Learners

Directions to register to become a Volunteer:

1.  Go to TSD Volunteer Homepage

2.   Click on the blue button that says “New Volunteers”.

3.   Volunteers will be instructed to create a Username (we suggest using your e-mail address) and Password. Make sure to write them down because you will need this in the future.

4.   Make sure to completely fill out all information and correctly spell your LEGAL name.

5.   In the area that asks what school you will volunteer with, select the school in which you plan on volunteering.

6.   Once registered, volunteers do not need to re-register each year.  It is good for life.

7.   Once you submit your registration, we will run the background check and mail a name badge to the school.  You will receive an email about the results of the background check.